• Politics

    A Hero After All

    http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,21618321-952,00.html Jessica Lynch says she’s no hero: but to me, standing up and telling the American government to step manufacturing heroes is pretty heroic.

  • General

    ANZAC Day

    Today is ANZAC Day, when we remember all those who have gone to war to protect Australia. We might think our troops have sometimes been ill-used in supporting our colonial masters, first England and then the US, but they have bravely put their lives on the line for their country,…

  • Musings

    On Big Words

    I tossed the word ‘apophenia’ into a post on a motorcycle forum today, then wondered whether I should have. I suspect most people (unless they’ve read William Gibson’s ‘Pattern Recognition’) won’t know what it means. Some will look it up, most will ignore it. What worries me is that a…

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    Dancing and Playing Verboten!!

    Here’s a rejoinder from Perla and Carifio to my response to their review of my book: http://edrev.asu.edu/essays/v10n4.pdf They sound pretty angry – almost incoherently so. Guess they won’t be accepting my invitation to come over and play. It’s also somewhat amusing that Perla and Carifio make a point of pointing…

  • Teaching

    ‘On Stir-and-Serve Recipes for Teaching’

    While I was stuck watching progress bars and waiting for the virus scans to finish yesterday I was reading a book of short readings on education. I came across one by a Grade 3 teacher named Susan Ohanian, written in 1985, with the title ‘On Stir-and-Serve Recipes for Teaching’. I…

  • Personal - Technology

    Dad’s Tech Support Service

    So, I spent a fair chunk of yesterday fighting a nasty spyware/virus infection on my laptop (oi, no more cracks from Lorne about the university’s protectiveness ;)). I think I’ve pretty much got it beaten into submission. Then all three of my girls needed some sort of technical assistance for…

  • Politics

    Cold Day in Baghdad

    One cold day doesn’t mean the globe is not warming. In the same way, one horrific day of bombings in Iraq shouldn’t be seized on as evidence that The Surge is not working. Sadly, though, the overall climate in Iraq is steadily deteriorating, as measured in terms of all deaths…

  • Politics

    The Answer To Gun Deaths

    Look, I don’t wanna get into a huge debate here. I just have to vent. In reponse to the massacre at Virgina Tech yesterday, basically every American I’ve seen – even those I consider relatively sane on most other questions – has said “The answer is more guns: if the…

  • Politics

    Comparing The Wars

    Those defending the war in Iraq are fond of suggesting that it could actually be near its end, without showing that, and if we just have faith and stay a little longer, and believe in The Surge… it will all turn out OK. Some have pointed to the length of…

  • Religion

    Who Did Jesus Attack?

    ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ always seems to me to be fraught with danger, because there’s so much scope for us to project our own prejudices and assumptions onto Jesus. But here’s a more factual question: During his life here on earth, according to the gospels, who did Jesus attack… verbally…

  • Politics

    Reclaiming ‘Elite’

    Bill Maher on one reason America is headed down the tubes: http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2007/04/13/pat_robertson/ Not that different here, sad to say. Well, maybe we can rewrite the old Skyhooks tune: “Elite, is not a dirty word”!

  • Climate

    Climate Change and Strategy

    From Glen Greenwald: Although it is a heated competition, I think the single dumbest and most intellectually dishonest rhetorical tactic — wielded most prominently by Drudge but with plenty of followers doing the same — is from those who cite cold weather conditions on a given day in order to…

  • Religion

    Atheist vs Atheist

    http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/defying-belief/2007/04/09/1175971009144.html I tend to agree that Dawkins and his ilk are just as scarily fundamentalist and inflexible as the religious they excoriate.

  • Personal

    Happy Birthday to Me

    Sorry it’s been quiet in here for the past week. I’ve had the flu and just felt miserable, coughing up a lung, sore throat, fever and so on. Feeling a little better but not 100% now, but thought I’d post as I turn 43 today. We’ll go shopping a bit…

  • Personal

    A Tale of Two Viruses

    So I’m home from work sick today, just a cold but it’s turned into a chest infection that has me coughing and short of breath and with a fever and headache. While I’m here I’m also tending a sick computer: the kids’ computer is well but the “parents’ computer” has…