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    At Church

    So, I went to church yesterday, for the first time in about a year. We had been going to Kenmore Baptist for a year or so before that, but a few clashes of ideology and politics, and just a general malaise meant we no longer really ‘fitted’ there. Personally I’d…

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    Fusion’s Getting Closer

    It’s the Holy Grail, the solution to all our energy woes (and the related issues of climate change, pollution and peak oil), and it just got a step closer. One approach to sustainable fusion energy: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8485669.stm

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    Happy Australia Day

    So, it’s January 26 – Australia Day. I’ve talked a bit before about the date, and even started a Facebook group in support of changing it. Here’s the blurb from that site: There have been calls for some years to look at changing the date of Australia Day from January…

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    The True and the False

    Neil Kelly, in his response to my previous post, raised the issue this way: The impossibility of a theistic morality is exemplified and illustrated in the necessity of religious apologists’ reliance on the logical fallacy of “true” and “false” believers to sustain their stance. I could have sworn I’d already…

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    Theism, Atheism and Morality

    It keeps on coming up in the wide variety of web discussion forums I read, as well as in face-to-face conversations: what is the relationship of religion and morality? For the purposes of this discussion, I’ll stick to Christian religion, since that is most often the context, it’s the context…

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    Meaning and the Multiverse

    Currently reading Ian McDonald’s (excellent and highly recommended) science fiction novel ‘Brasyl’. It’s (at least in part) about the ‘many worlds’ interpretation of quantum theory. This view – which is held by many physicists – suggests that there are many universes all existing side by side ‘in the same space’…

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    Evidence, Eminence and Vehemence

    Heard the tail end of a very interesting story on ABC Radio National yesterday afternoon. It was based on some ideas from Peter Heimlich, the son of the Dr Heimlich who gave his name to the Heimlich Manoeuvre for helping people who are choking. Here’s a link to the program:…

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    Better than ‘Good Enough’

    I don’t really do New Years resolutions1. But chatting with my friend Neil Kelly the other day he asked me whether I had any, which helped start me thinking. I’m also on my last day of 3 weeks of much-needed holidays, well rested and refocused, and ready to take stock…