Month: April 2011

  • American Atheists – Fight For A More Equitable Country!

    Just juxtaposing a couple of things in my head, and thought I’d share. I’m not an atheist myself, and don’t want to see society completely dereligionised (though there are large swathes of religion I could do without), but I found the speculation interesting. First piece of the puzzle is this study: Sacred and Secular by…

  • Good Article On The Carbon Price And The Economy

    From The Age:

  • ‘Alec Stone’…

    …or whatever your name is. You’ve been blacklisted: no point trying to post more comments. If you do manage to I’ll delete them and blacklist that IP too. You’ve crossed the line, you know how, you’re not welcome here.

  • Sad But True

    Dammit, why can’t we have a Labor government in Australia?

  • Critical Thinking and/or Creationism (in Tennessee)

    Kind of ambivalent about this story, really. Critical thinking is a good thing. Science should involve students critiquing theories and considering evidence: But considering the sources, you have to wonder: I’d have no issues at all if the same standards of critical thinking are applied to both evolutionary theory and intelligent design theory. The…

  • We Knew That

    All the usual caveats apply, but this study showing families with two daughters are happy certainly fits our experience. We’re amazingly blessed and blissfully happy.

  • Follow the Evidence It’ll be very interesting to see Muller’s results when they’re published, but the strong concurrence between a whole new data set and the three already showing warming (NASA, NOAA and HadCRUT) is pretty telling.