Back In Touch With The World

I’d been feeling a bit odd for a while. It was worst when riding my bike, when I was constantly frowning a bit with my forehead. But the rest of the time as well, I just felt kind of disconnected from the world. I could see well – very clearly in fact, all the way to the distant radio antennas on the hills – but the world just didn’t quite seem real.

I wondered whether I was spending too much time in front of computer screens (almost certainly yes), and/or too much time in my own head (ditto). I even wondered, quietly to myself, whether it was some kind of mild, incipient mental illness like depression or something.

Went to the optometrist and he discovered that my left eye had got a lot worse in its vision – just more shortsighted than ever. I’d never thought to do the experiment, but closing my right eye with my glasses on showed me just how bad my left had got. I’d still had clear vision, but my right eye had been doing all the work.

In turn, that had robbed me of proper binocular vision, and therefore proper depth perception. That’s something that’s pretty important to have on the bike, and also, apparently, something that forms part of our feeling of being part of the world.

It took a week for the new lenses to come in, and now I had a name for the problem I was aware of it, but I picked them up this afternoon, and immediately felt the difference. It’s taking a little while for my left eye to get back into doing it’s share of the work – I almost feel like I should pirate-patch my right for a while to make it all equal.

But I’m back! Look out, world!

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