Me in a few numbers

Google Scholar now allows the creation of a citation profile for academics. Here’s mine:

Citation is when someone else quotes one of my papers in one of their papers. As you can see, Google Scholar can find 65 papers I’ve published throughout my career, and all together those have been cited 421 times. The top paper has been cited over 120 times, but it tails off fairly quickly after that.

Citation is a measure of how influential an academic is in his/her professional field. The h-index that’s quoted there is a similar measure, reduced to one number, and it’s hard to really make sense of that number in isolation. If physics was my field I’d want to be closer to 12 than 9 at this point in my career, but education papers tend to get cited less often, and I’d imagine 9 compares pretty well to other education academics in my field.

I have half a dozen papers under review at the moment, as well as a couple in press, so while the citations have dipped a bit in the past couple of years since a high in 2009, it’s likely that the curve will head upward again over the next few years.

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