One comment on “What Jesus Said About Capitalism

  1. That was an interesting read, Dave. Interesting how he reads the rich young ruler story, saying that “the basis of wealth wasn’t possession of consumer durables, but land. And the primary means of acquiring land was through debt-default. Small agricultural landholders groaned under the burden of rent, tithes, taxes, tariffs and operating expenses.”

    So, Jesus was not asking a person to give up a worthwhile livelihood, rather to end a way of life based on the misery of others. Maybe we should be more concerned about 3rd world sweat-shops and African mines.

    ”Privately controlled wealth is the backbone of capitalism,” Myers says, ”and it is predicated upon the exploitation of natural resources and human labour.” That sounds nasty, but I think he is off the mark there. The economy requires use of resources, the more recyclable the better, and human labour, the safer and more productive the better. It matters little whether the bosses are capitalist, communist or anarchist.

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