Photo Gallery

This is a bunch of older photos - at some point I'll try to add a bunch of newer ones...

An older one of me

All of us at Maleny in about 2008

The girls in about 2009

This is my second-oldest bike, the Bandit 1200 I rode for 8 years

Buffy now, when she's 10, and still full of energy, despite the grey eyebrows

Tara, Cassie, Brittany, Lindsey and Alex at Sue's 50th

Alex after a long day at Disneyland

Alex took this one of Sue, Cassie and I in the Alladin show

Buffy and the girls at the beach, when she was tiny (our first beach trip back in Oz)

Our reputation is no longer unSullied

The Beasticle (the rock is her toy - the toes belong to Alex, but Buffy thinks they're her toys too)

Where we used to spend as much time as possible, a couple of houses ago

Fun with mirrors

My oldest bike (since taking a long break), the Honda Spada 250

Another angle on the Spada

Sue and I dancing at Stanford

Buffy on her way home after we picked her up from the RSPCA

Cassie and Alex at Cassie's Grade 9 graduation (the next few photos are from that evening)

The light of my life

Cassie with Sue

Her dress was very shiny...

All of us

Cassie with her friends
Maureen, Julia and Kathleen

Lookin' fierce

Sue beautifying

Me, sitting

Me, grinning