Artist Song Title Genre
Absu Stone of Destiny Black metal
Accept Balls to the Wall Heavy metal
Adramalech Abomination Black metal
Agalloch Not Unlike The Waves Folk/doom metal
Antestor Vale of Tears Black metal (Christian)
Anthrax Invisible Thrash/speed metal
Apocalyptica Missconstruction Instrumental (cello) metal
Arch Enemy We Will Rise Melodic death metal
As I Lay Dying Meaning in Tragedy Metalcore?
Avantasia Sign of the Cross Power metal
Beneath the Massacre Society's Disposable Son Technical death metal
Black Alice In The Hall of the Ancient Kings Power metal (Aussie)
Black Rain Pusta Zem/Desolated Land Black metal (Czech)
Bruce Dickinson Jerusalem Heavy metal
Carcass Heartwork Melodic death metal
Children of Bodom Are You Dead Yet? Melodic death metal
Chthonic Where the Utux Ancestors Wait Black metal (Taiwanese)
Cradle of Filth Her Ghost in the Fog Black metal
Daath Concentrate Living Death metal/modern metal
Devin Townsend Band Triumph Mad Canadian metal
Dio Losing My Insanity Heavy metal
Disturbed Droppin' Plates Nu-metal
Edguy Hallowed Power metal
Eluveitie Spirit Folk metal (Swiss)
Evergrey Still In The Water Heavy metal
Fear Factory Bionic Chronic Instrumental
Fear Factory Cloning Technology Extreme metal, remixed
Goliath Demons Doom/sludge/heavy metal
Haggard Eppur Se Muove Symphonic metal
Hammerfall Templars of Steel Power metal
Iron Maiden Revelations Heavy metal
Judas Priest Revolution Heavy metal
Kamelot Lost and Damned Power metal
Korpiklaani Korpiklaani Folk metal (Finnish)
Lacuna Coil Our Truth Heavy metal
Megadeth Symphony of Destruction Heavy metal
Metallica Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Heavy metal
Moonspell Everything Invaded Dark metal
Mors Principium Est Life in Black Melodic death metal
Mortification Scrolls of the Megilloth Unblack metal (Aussie, Christian)
Necrophagist Symbiotic in Theory Technical death metal
Nightwish Passion and the Opera Power/operatic metal
Nile Lashed to the Slave Stick Death metal
Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train Heavy metal (live)
Probot (feat. Cronos) Centuries of Sin Heavy metal
Queensryche NM156 Heavy metal
Rainbow Run With The Wolf Heavy metal
Rammstein Morgenstern Heavy/modern metal (Germany)
Rollins Band Inhale/Exhale Postpunk jazz metal whatever
Scatterbrain Don't Call Me Dude Comedy 50s-inflected speed metal
Sepultura Refuse/Resist Thrash (Brazilian)
Sonata Arctica Black Sheep Power metal
Strapping Young Lad Love Mad Canadian metal
Symphony X The Damnation Game Symphonic power metal
To-Mera Blood Power metal
Tool Vicarious Tool music (uncategorizable)
Trivium Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr Modern heavy metal
Turisas One More Folk metal
Virgin Black Walk Without Limbs Dark metal (Aussie)
White Zombie More Human Than Human Uncategorizable
Yngwie Malmsteen I Am A Viking Neoclassical metal
Zao Psalm of the City of the Dead Modern metal