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  • Financial theory for fighting HIV?

    Ain’t science fascinating?

  • Claims Laid to Rest

    (yep, this is now an *extremely* intermittent blog!) There are two consistent themes in the comments by Liberal/Coalition supporters in the leadup to the election: ‘Shock, horror, the unions will control Australia if you let Labor win’ and ‘Shock, horror, the economy will collapse if you let Labor win’. Both nonsense… and here’s some discussion…

  • Pretty Nice Guide

    …from Salon as to the reasons why my share portfolio is currently down by 40% from what I paid for it:

  • D’oh!

    Saw a share this morning before the market opened and, looking at its announcements and basics, thought ‘that’s gonna do well today’. Considered buying some, but I’m still (mostly) paper trading to gain confidence, so I didn’t buy any real shares, just checked it again at the end of the day. It rose by over…