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    [Open] It begins

    (I’ll use the [Open] tag, as well as creating a new category, to set off the Open Education stuff from everything else) So, about 10 students and one interested bystander (waves @ Crank) have signed up for the open discussion forum. No posts yet – except the spam I’m still…

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    Open Education – It’s Here, Now!

    Here’s an announcement I just posted (with slight tweaks) on the web sites for both of my courses: I’m trying an experiment this semester. It’s 100% your decision whether you participate or not. There’s no cost, and it’s irrelevant to your grade in the course*, and I won’t be using…

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    So, I built a forum on the 6th of this month, as described in this post. Now, 11 days later, there are 1107 spam posts in one forum and 696 in another. Off to spend a few minutes fixing the filters.

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    An Open (Science Teaching) Forum

    I was struck by an idea while riding in this morning1. I was thinking about MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses – clickety for more info). Suzie has just joined one from Berkeley, an introduction to statistics, and I’m doing some writing about connectivism, the underlying theory. At the same time,…