Good Times

Had dinner last night with Lorne and Dawn at the Sicilian pasta place, just a couple of blocks down from our old apartment on 116th Street. We had a great time, sitting and chatting for hours, catching up on all the news of what we and our families are up to, goals and dreams and ideas. We all commented on how the couple of years apart just melted away, and we slipped back into the some comfortable, friendly relationship we had before we left. It was great to catch up with everyone, but these guys in particular made the effort to make plans to hang out with me in the short time I was here, and I appreciate that a lot. I don’t always read Dawn’s ‘Colours of Dawn‘ blog and comment as often as I should, but I’ll aim to do better – good friends deserve better contact, and the web offers us all sorts of resources for staying in touch.

2 Comments on “Good Times

  1. I was just glad that you could find the time to get together with us….football game….dinner….too bad you’re trip was so short. Would have loved to show you our progress on things out at the acreage and to see how much the kids have grown.

    Yes, it has been a couple of years but it was like you hadn’t left as things were just as you said…comfortable. Not sure when we will be heading your way in the future….but one day we will. Thanks for making yourself available. Hopefully next time Sue will be able to join you.

    You’ll have to keep reading Dawn’s blog as I have stopped blogging and reading other blogs for quite some time. May get back into it again….only time will tell. I stop in to say hi to some of my old blog friends once in a while….but not very consistently.

  2. It was a wonderful time of dining and chatting. We did enjoy it immensely and were glad you were able to take time to spend with us. Sirdar said everything so I will leave it at that.

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