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So, I got my lab book – the crucial and closely-guarded document in which working scientists record their experiments each day to establish who got there first – this afternoon, and spent the whole afternoon working in the lab.

Nothing particularly security-conscious today, but in these social media days, in which I know I share a lot more than many people, I need to get in the habit where it’s OK to say that I’m doing research but not to share what I’m working on lest some other team elsewhere scoop us.

Anyway, definitely a buzz to be working as a real scientist in a biophysics lab.

I guess the first publication of a paper in that field will be the really big milestone – perhaps even more so than getting the degree itself. That’s some distance off, of course, but not that far… stay tuned!

Only then will I feel I can call myself ‘a physicist’ and/or ‘a scientist’.

3 Comments on “Science!

  1. Hmm let me guess, recently did quantum mechanics, now doing biophysics. They intersect in the senses, I think, hearing or smelling. So, my off-the-cuff guess is that you are doing something relating to hearing or smelling.

  2. It’s a good guess, but not quite there… turns out I could have skipped all that quantum – we’re working with stuff too big for it to be really relevant, at least for now.

  3. Oh, well, that Sherlock Holmes stuff doesn’t always work in real life. But I bet the QM stuff was interesting enough on its own.

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