My nickname has been ‘Bravus’ (from ‘Brave Dave’ and then ‘Bravus Davus’) for something like 40 years.

I acquired the domain many years ago, and hosted my web site and blog there for a long time.

A craft brewery in the US wanted to call itself Bravus, and bought that domain from me. I haven’t tasted their products, but I can definitely get behind their efforts in producing non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers:

When I sold that one I was pleased to discover that was available, so I grabbed that and moved my web site and blog to it for a few years.

Earlier this year a marketing company approached me about acquiring that domain, and after naming what I thought was a fair-to-high price for it, they agreed and paid me out.

I acquired, since @ProfBravus is my Twitter handle anyway, and the site you’re reading this on is hosted at that domain.

I used the money from the marketing company and thought no more of it, until today, when I learned that Indian mining (and other industries) company Adani have changed their name, at least in Australia, to Bravus… and sure enough, which I checked, good old is now theirs.

That’s not something I can get behind or support! I’m a member of the Queensland Greens party, and am adamantly opposed to the opening of Adani’s proposed massive new coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

So this post is mainly to distance myself from the new Bravus… or rather, to distance them from me, since I was here first, by decades!

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